Jesus: The giver and restorer of life

Dear Friends, God is the author and Lord of Life. He alone can give life. He alone can restore us from physical and spiritual deaths. Before him nothing is impossible. In Jesus, God has really shown to us that our earthly worst situation or condition will surely end with him. In other words, all our suffering has an expiration date. Therefore,  “Don’t be afraid but believe!”. As his disciples, let us learn from him to give life than spread death. May God grant us the grace to just believe in God’s omnipotence. Happy Sunday



Chosen for a Mission

Dear friends, Like St. John the Baptist we have being wonderfully made by God and destined for a mission. The life of St. John the Baptist is the testimony of one who was chosen for a mission. The Baptist’s mission was to prepare the people for the coming of the Messiah. John carried out his mission in utter humility, faithfulness to his mission and courage to truth throughout his life. May the life of John inspire us to courageously pursue our mission on earth. And may God guide all those who are anxious or confused about their future. Amen Happy Sunday

Opening up to the Reign of God.

Dear friends, in the parables, Jesus encourages us to open or submit ourselves to the reign of God. He wants us to partner with God. God’s reign ( kingdom of God) is the moment of God’s manifestation and acting in human history. He takes hold of our affairs and controls it. It is God being really just The Lord and Master of the universe. He works in those who allowed him in their lives in ways that is beyond human imaginations and thoughts. This reign of God in us grows and radiates. It works in simple and humble way. May God flowers our little efforts and cooperation as we earnestly seek to do his will. Happy Sunday

Jesus the promised One

Dear friends, sin has a terrible effect and consequence on us. It not only shut us away from God, it destroys our desire and capacity for knowing God. This is usually the machination and temporal victory of the evil one. Despite that, God is not willing to give up on us. He constantly seeks way of bringing us back to his friendship. We see in the mission of Jesus, the one promised to us. Who defeats the devil and rescues us from his grip. He overturns the victor to a vanquisher. May God give us the courage to discern properly his identity, together with him, we will always be victorious. Amen

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Dear Friends,the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is central to our Christian faith. It is the most ancient truth about our God. In the Holy Trinity, we profess,three Persons in one God; three Persons of one substance, co-equal and co- eternal in majesty. The Trinity is united in a bond of perfect unity and perfect love. The unity and love that exist in the Blessed Trinity should challenge our modern world that is bent and fraught with individualistic mentality. It should also shake up our complacency in Felling to avoid being agents of division rather than love. May the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity continue to attract us and guide us to imitate the bond of unity and love. Amen

Happy Sunday

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Holy Spirit; The Spirit of transformation

My Dear friends, transformation is a process of profound and radical change that orients one to  a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness. It also implies a basic change of character and little or no resemblance with the past.  This  was the story of the  fearful and dejected apostles of Jesus. On the Pentecost day, they opened themselves to the Holy spirit who transformed them to fearless and bold  instruments of God. We are also invited  to embrace the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of transformation. Through the Sacraments, the same Holy Spirit continues the work of transformation in  us. May the Holy Spirit sustain  our resistance to  the desires of the flesh and help us to walk in the ways of the Spirit and love to remain faithful to God.  Happy Pentecost Sunday

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That they may be one

Dear friends,Unity is a gift of God and inspired action of the Holy Spirit. Love and genuine openness to true spirit of prayer are what facilitate unity. They are the true pillars on which genuine unity stands. There is no real unity without love. Unity cannot be sustained without the soldering effect and power of prayer. Through prayer we access the will of God and what is acceptable to him at each giving moment. Through love we imitate God and share in the Trinitarian bond. May God give us the courage to promote the unity which Christ prayed for. Happy Sunday